Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just When You Thought Learn and Earn Couldn't Lower Their Campaign Any Further . . .

. . . they've dug themselves a trench. Now they are piggybacking off the hard work of the advocates of raising the minimum wage. Note the disclosure statement in the return address:

And here is their text, sounding for all the world like a joint mailing.

The obvious effect is to make people inclined toward Issue 2 more likely to vote for Issue 3. The more insidious effect is to make people with moral aversions to Issue 3 think falsely that Issue 2 backers are in bed with them. Of course, since Issue 3 is about nothing but making a bunch of gambling companies rich, they couldn't care less about that.

Though I'm sure many of the track owners behind Educate and Obfuscate will vote for Issue 2; a higher minumum wage means more money for working stiffs to lose in the slots.

Learn and Earn is supposed to be about education, right? How about keep your eyes on your own work, people.


Ryan said...


Jill said...

Wow - that flyer missed my house. do you know I've gotten more mail from them than any other candidate or issue except for Josh Mandel!?

Scott Piepho said...

Yeah, that flier came with three buddies that day. Not to mention the signs and televion.

They are spending millions on this. Because they care so much about education, y'know.