Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Message from Brian Williams

Again from the e-bag:

Looking Back & Moving Ahead - from State Representative Brian G. Williams

Dear Friends,

Many of you, as recipients on this E-Mail List, have been with me through my first term in office (some have actually known me long before this journey as a public servant began). Thanks to the vote of confidence from District 41, I am proud and gratified that I can invite you to join me for a second term - through the 127th General Assembly (January 2007-December 2008)!

Thank you for your support of my efforts, and most of all for your interest in and work for District 41, and all Ohioans. I appreciate your input on issues, and I am extending a special thank you to those who worked with me through the campaign season and endorsed my work with their vote. It is with happy anticipation that I look forward to working as team with you to enhance the quality of life in Ohio, and to solving problems that prohibit a full realization of our State’s worth.

As most of you know - I came to Columbus to work in a bi-partisan fashion to solve the troubles that face Ohio. For those who saw the recent Legislative Survey conducted by my office, we know that our District reported that the three biggest problems they want solved are education, jobs, and environment. So, I have the direction my constituents want to take; I have the ability; and I pledge the hard work and dedication to resolve issues important to all of us!

Through this election, the people of Ohio (and around the entire country) sent a clear message to elected officials that they want change. Obviously, they feel that the one-party hold has been stagnating; that corruption must stop; and it is time for Ohio to move forward. I look forward to the challenges these changes will bring, and to having you beside me as we move ahead.

The House Democrats gained a net 8 seats. In fact at this writing, all the numbers are not in or final, and we are awaiting final results from one county to be finalized, where our candidate is very viable. So, the balance between the two parties is more equalized than it has been in years. This makes negotiations more possible than they have been in the past. You cannot meet the other side in the middle, when they won’t even join you in the same room! These changes offer a better checks and balance of parties and doctrine. The combination of these additional seats, with Governor-Elect Strickland taking office in January, puts our Caucus in a better position to negotiate legislation, and to pass laws that are important to all of Ohio.

I proudly look forward to representing you, and I will do my best to bring State government as close to the citizens as possible. As always - please contact me with any questions or input on State matters.

Your State Representative,

Brian G. Williams


Anonymous said...

GOP mailers about illegal immigrants- $3000

GOP mailers lying about Brian's service while Superintendent- $2000

Cousineau and the GOP getting their ass kicked by 7000 votes- PRICELESS