Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It's all about turnout from here on in. Turnout with maybe some election protection on the side. Based on polling and hunches, Strickland, Cordray and Sykes are trotting home, Brunner is a probable win and Dann is in striking distance. The difference between a ticket sweep and AG Betty will come down to who gets the vote out.

There are plenty of reasons to remain concerned. Whether its The Math of Karl Rove, or reports that Repubs are doing better turning out early voters or general fear of the Voter Vault and the 72 Hour Program, this year Dems need to keep the pedal to the floor until the checkered flag flies.

So what are you going to do about it. This year the need for volunteers is unprecedented, but so are the opportunies. Staff has posted candidate-specific volunteer contacts. Here's what's going on around here.

The local Dems are phone banking day and evening between now and the election. They are running canvasses Saturday and Sunday and of course will have jobs all day election day.

Contacts are as follows:

Phonebanking: contact Shandell (jamal[at]
Canvass: contact James (james[at] or Tamela (

If you are feeling nontraditional, you can hook up with the America Votes GOTV effort. They are reporting 5000 volunteers, but surely have room for more.

So have at it. Close elections are won by the side that gets after it hardest. Lets be those guys this year.

UPDATE: DirtGirl in comments raises a good point -- it's best to speak to an actual human as opposed to filling out an online form. The Dem mailer that I pulled emails off of included phone numbers, but I didn't feel comfortable posting those on the internets. The best bet around here is to call Dem HQ -- 330-434-1311.


dirtgirl said...

two thoughts...

Last night, Toledo's Channel 11 featured GOTV activities at Wood County party headquarters in Bowling Green. They showed a full house for the democrats, with a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers and then contrasted that to the sad turnout of two college girls over at GOP central. So unless this magical 72 hour strategy involves secret bunker locations, I'm not yet impressed.

Second, if you're going to sign up for volunteer work in the last few days, don't use online forms to express interest. I work on a campaign and we're so busy we might not get around to running those reports with 5 days left. Instead, talk to a human - get the number for your county's contact from ODP's "paint ohio blue" website (linked from that BSB link above) for example. You'll get put to work a LOT faster.