Monday, November 13, 2006

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Noe convicted this afternoon. The Blade has details. Here's the highlights:

    Noe was found guilty of 29 of 40 charges, including theft, corrupt activity, money laundering, forgering records and tampering with documents. He was convicted on his chief charge that he engaged in a pattern of corruption in his management of Ohio's $50 million rare-coin fund investment with the bureau.

    The corrupt activity charge was the most serious, carrying a mandatory 10-year prison sentence.

    The maximum sentence, if imposed, would total 72 years in prison. Prosecutors said it was unlikely the judge would order such a lengthy sentence.


Anonymous said...

I wish he was going to be sentenced and incarcerated before the holidays. That way, I could use his mug shot on the Christmas cards that I am going send to my Republican friends. I think I would put the lyrics from the Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol song, "Ringle, Jingle" on the inside...

"Ringle, ringle, coins when they jingle, make such a lovely sound ..."