Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Thoughts on John Kerry

And by “last thoughts,” I don’t just mean about this latest kerfuffle. I mean that I intend to expend no more nanowatts of mental energy on this loser again ever.

  • My initial reaction was “*GASP* Oh, wait a minute, he just booted a joke about BushCo. is all. Oh, well, didn’t someone say he’s a douchebag but we voted for him anyway?”
  • Anyone who insists he took the podium intending to make a joke about how dumb American soldiers is either a simpleton or a liar. You may assign yourself to a category as you see fit.
  • If you aren't convinced that this is all the result of a flubbed lame joke, consider as Exhibit A this Chris Suellentrop piece about Kerry chronically screwing up perfectly good speeches on the campaign trial.
  • Exhibits B-D: "Global Test," "Make terrorism a nuisance, like prostitution," Grand Canyon rim interview.
  • Most unintentionally hilarious line in the "I'm Very Not Sorry" speech: "Let me be crystal clear. As crystal clear as I can be."
  • Redhorse nails the shoulda-been statement afterwards. As Red is fond of saying, this isn't rocket science, yet still somehow beyond Kerry's grasp.
  • Maybe Kerry and Bush can form some sort of "My party's candidates don't want me" support group.
  • I'm tired of hearing lefties say he shouldn't apologize to the troops because that would admit he was talking about the troops. The way I was raised, if you cause a misunderstanding that causes people offense, you say you're sorry. To them.
  • Notwithstanding this latest quantum of evidence that Kerry is tone deaf, that he's a klutz at the podium and that he is to political strategem as Ashlee Simpson is to singing at halftime shows, he still would be a better President than the corporate-owned marionette now occupying the office.
  • This happened on Monday. It's leading the news reports on Wednesday. That's messed up on so many levels.
And finally . . .
  • If you don't like what Kerry said, it's simple: Don't vote for him.
OK? OK! Next topic . . .


Anonymous said...

Well done, well done.

Best line: as Ashlee Simpson is to halftime singing.

Hey-oh, let me hear you (sign it off-key), oh shit, what are the lyrics.....