Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Finger in the Breeze

Actually, a bit more than a breeze -- it's effing freezing out there. Where's that 50 degree scattered showers day they promised us? Cold rainy windy and no end in sight.

Given the weather report, I'm not counting on getting the record turnout I predicted. So some lucky participant will be writing a post here. On the other hand, I stand by my prediction that a somewhat less than record turnout benefits Dems. I spent the morning doing poll visibility and talking to people hitting other polls. I've gotten one email so far from a correspondent who was working in one of the more R-heavy suburbs. Indications are that people want change and that those who don't like Dems just aren't coming out.

Feel free to drop a comment regarding any on-the-ground observations. I'm heading back out to poll-greet the lunch crowd at Shatto, then I'll be GOTV calling for the school levy. I'll hit the victory parties tonight and try to get something interesting to post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, pool entries are closed. The entries are as follows:

Pho: 4,827,758

Village Green: 4,666,666

Redhorse: 4,631,500

Eric: 4,589,423

Jcross: 4,568,700

Kyle: 4,539,364

Bonobo: 4,444,444

54cermak: 4,380,300

Lori: 4,317,500

Best of luck to all, but mostly to the Dem slate. Here's to turning it around.