Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Browns, Steelers, Who Cares?

So here’s my post since I won Pho’s election turnout office pool. I guess I’m glad there weren’t any stipulations about “closest guess without going over” or nobody would have won.

So, Pho said I would probably say something nice about the Steelers to irritate him. Trouble is, here is NOTHING nice to say about the Steelers this season. Why they don’t just bench Rothlesberger is beyond me. A true Steelers fan doesn’t second-guess the mighty Bill Cower often, but this one has me and some of my Steelers-fan friends all scratching our heads.

Being a Steelers fan married to a Browns fan (my husband is Pho’s brother), you can imagine how Steelers-Browns Sundays can get a little ugly in my house. However, this year, I don’t think either of us really cares. We’re too focused on the big OSU game this weekend, and we’re on the same side for this contest. Besides, who really cares when the only thing on the line is last place in the AFC North?

So, go Buckeyes! I’d much rather the Buckeyes win this weekend than the Steelers. They have a lot more at stake.


Anonymous said...

I hate to ruin your rant here dear, but Rothlisberger threw for 264 yards and three touchdowns last week against New Orleans. No interceptions either.

Anonymous said...

Look deeper into the stats and you'll note that Roethlisberger has 10 touchdowns this season, and the backup QB, Batch, has 5. Now, that's not necessarily a ringing endorsement of Charlie Batch, but one game does not excuse a 3-6 record, coming off of a SuperBowl victory. There are other problems, but Ben 2006 has not been remotely close to Ben 2005.

Anonymous said...

Lori, one more thing... If you're wondering why Ben hasn't been benched by Cowher. Remember all those seasons he stuck it out with Kordell Stewart. Cowher is loyal, and more than a bit stubborn. (This is your brother, if you hadn't guessed.) Hopefully things will bounce back next season.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers 3-6 record has been a team effort no matter how you slice the stats. Cowher is loyal to a fault perhaps, but only in comparison to the Browns, who change coaches and personnel like paper placemats on a Sunday morning at Dodies.

I love my Steelers, but I look for the Hash Browns to pull one out this week. Hey, they have to win once in awhile to keep the rivalry going.

Anonymous said...

roethlisberger is still a kid. it's not his fault his o-line was not built to pass block, and it's not his fault his running back is unable to do anything but hit the occassional home run. he did not play so much last year, but he did great things when he did: the steelers miss jerome bettis. any time such a young QB is asked to do so much, this is what you will get. willie parker is a great RB, but he is not a great Steelers RB. they have to decide in the offseason if they are going to change RBs or change the basic philosophy they have used on offense for nearly all of cowher's tenure.

Anonymous said...

Roethlisberger's having a rough year, but the job he (and the rest of the team) did in the fourth quarter on Sunday to pull it out after playing like crap for most of the game showed a lot of heart. I have to say, I would much rather win games like this than 41-0 like last year. 4 and 6 or not, there is some satisfaction to be gained by knowing that Browns watched their team grasp defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.