Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Early Voting Report -- Next Time Vote Earlier

I went to the Board of Elections to vote Monday. I filled out my paperwork, did the last four digits of Soc. thing and waited. Throughout the time I was there, people cycled in and out, but the census hovered at around a dozen. People at the desk said each day is busier than the last.

They took my info and bade me sit down. After a few minutes, the guy waiting on me told me that the ballots set aside for early voting from my precinct are all gone. They had to go to "the vault" (insert Seinfeld joke here) to get one for me.

Some time after that I was again summoned up front to be informed that they couldn't get a ballot ready for me for at least a couple of hours. They offered to send two employees -- one from each party -- to my house with the ballot the next day. By my calculation that would probably have meant two work hours spent on little old me. It's in my interest that those work hours be spent making the whole election run as well as possible so I promised to come back. They were going to call the next day when the ballot was ready, but it turned out the call came later that day.

As life would have it, I was pretty much tied up with kids until today. I went back, waited another 15 minutes or so in a room now crowded with 20 or so early voters, and got my ballot. In the meantime I chatted with Judge Eve Belfance, and as I left I ran into Psychobilly's Horsewhisperer.

So all-in-all a positive experience. FranklyI spent considerably more time than I would have voting in the usual way, but of course it frees me up for Election Day. I'm pleased that so many from my precinct have taken advantage as it's somewhat D-leaning.


Jill said...

I'm curious Scott - if they didn't have a ballot for you, for how many others didn't they have a ballot? This sounds rather cumbersome, no?

Anonymous said...

ooooo, you saw the Whisperer? Hell, I haven't seen Whisperer for months. Lucky.

Regardless, Jill: The BOE was to have run X number for each precinct. Now, I don't know all the ends and outs of that, but that's what I've either read or been told.

At some point, they'll run out of precinct X. I suppose the idea is to keep on top of that and run a few more off.

Then again, they've been using a whole slew of folks down there this month that aren't everyday BOE employees and this may have slipped them.

Cumbersome, yes, but this is the first election with free-for-all early voting in place.

The kinks will get worked out in Summit; Cuyahoga, though, ....

Hattie Nuff said...

groovy Scott... my birthday is Tuesday. Everyone should do an early ballot so they are free to par-tay.

I, however, didn't do the early ballot. I'll have to wait until after I'm done at the polls to start celebrating.

Do they still close the bars on Election Day or did I make that up?


Anonymous said...

I went in monday morning - my wife got a ballot, I had to come back in 2 hours for them to get more ready. Luckily I had spare time. Odd way to run things.