Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gains in the Ohio House

Note: I was busy all day. I'll have something original to say after the kids go to bed. In the meantime, I drop a couple of items from my email bag. I got the following from the House Dem Caucus:

Democrats make historic gains in Ohio House

Democrats gained seven seats in the Ohio House of Representatives on Election Night – the largest net gain for Democrats in a single election in 34 years.

Democrats, who last held the House majority in 1994, have closed the GOP’s advantage in the 99-member chamber from 11 seats to just four. With 46 seats for the 127th General Assembly, Democrats are now closer than either party has ever come under Ohio’s current redistricting system to retaking the House in the face of a legislative map drawn by the other party.

Beatty said she’s pleased by the results, and optimistic that House Democrats will play a strong role in working with Governor-elect Ted Strickland to turn around Ohio.

“Government of, by and for one political party at the Statehouse is now over,” said Beatty, D-Columbus. “The voters sent a clear message Tuesday. They want leaders who will chart a new course that moves all Ohioans forward.”

Key gains for Democrats Tuesday night included:

  • 1st District (Columbiana County), where Columbiana County Treasurer Linda Bolon, a Democrat, cruised to victory over county Commissioner Jim Hoppel. This seat had been held by Republican Chuck Blasdel.

  • 16th District (Cuyahoga County), where Jennifer Brady of Westlake defeated Republican Ed Herman in a seat previously held by Sally Conway Kilbane.

  • 24th District (Franklin County), where Grandview Heights businessman Ted Celeste defeated incumbent Republican Geoff Smith of Upper Arlington.

  • 43rd District (southern Summit County and portions of Portage County), where former Akron Beacon Journal reporter Stephen Dyer, a Democrat, defeated Green City Councilwoman Christine Croce in a contest between two attorneys. This seat had been previously held Republican Mary Taylor.

  • 57th District (parts of Elyria and eastern Lorain County), where Elyria assistant safety/service commissioner Matt Lundy toppled incumbent Republican Earl Martin of Avon Lake.

  • 58th District (Huron County and parts of Lorain and Seneca counties), where Amherst attorney Matt Barrett defeated incumbent Republican Dan White.

  • 64th District (Trumbull County, including Warren), where attorney Tom Letson defeated Republican incumbent Randy Law.

  • 91st District (Hocking County, Perry County and parts of Licking and Pickaway counties), where attorney Dan Dodd defeated Republican Bill Hayes in a seat previously held by Republican Ron Hood.
Democrats successfully defended all but one of the 39 seats they held heading into Tuesday’s election.

House Democrats produced Tuesday’s historic gains despite spending less than 25 cents for every $1 spent by Republicans. According to reports filed with the secretary of state’s office, the House Republican caucus had raised $7.8 million through Oct. 18. House Democrats had raised $1.7 million – the most in at least 12 years for the caucus.

More notes: YellowDogSammy has a running post highlighting the too-close-to-call races, and a separate post regarding the 92nd. Recall that the Dem in the 92nd is my friend Debbie Phillips. Right now she's sweating out counting the Athens Co. provisionals while about 1200 votes down. The House Caucus Blog has some additional perspective on the race.


A Thing of Beauty said...

Why do liberals like to call themselves 'progressive?'

Scott Piepho said...

Oh, God bless you, Thing. I've been wanting to write an essay on that subject for months now. Don't know what prompted you to ask, but check back in a couple days. After I get my post-election posts posted I'll put something up with my perspective on the question.