Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween at the House of Pho

For a couple years running now I’ve carved election jack o’ lanterns. In 2004 it was “Kerry/Edwards.” Longtime readers may remember last year’s RONkins.

This year I had too many choices. And frankly, too many candidates with long names. Lettering in pumpkin turns out to be pretty time consuming.

So I decided to go generic. This will shine out at passersby from now through the seventh:


Marcia said...

NICE. Honestly, that rocks.

Hattie Nuff said...

Hey, there's my jack o'lantern!

Jill said...

That is excellent, Pho. You could sell a stencil of that for all future election Halloweens.

Anonymous said...

Unless you're a miltary family or support our troops. Because the Dems don't.

Scott Piepho said...

I'm curious Anon, what should Dems be doing to "Support the Troops" that they are not? Are you using "Support the Troops" as a shibboleth to mean "Blindly fall lockstep behind the Bush Administration's Iraq policy no matter how wildly the country spins out of control?" Do you mean "Don't botch stupid jokes that are willfully misinterpreted by people with a political agenda?" Or do you have something else in mind?

Because I'm really curious. Dems have:
-Fought for more, not less, funding for Veterans' benefits.
-Fought for funding for body armour and up-armoured vehicles.
-Fought for oversight into misappropriation of reconstruction funds.
-Criticized the Administration for using too few troops, failing to plan for the occupation, de-Baathifying the Iraqi administration, disbanding the military and failing to secure weapons depots, all of which were criticized in the first instance, because they endangered the lives of our troops.

And whether or not you agree with strategic redeployment or setting timetables, fact is the people advocating such changes in policy do so to save the lives of troops.

So lay it on me. If Dems should do something that they are not doing, I would honestly like to hear it.

Cee Jay said...

REALLY COOL Jack o'lantern! :)
To the person who thinks Dems don't support the troops. I want to know if they think the Republicans do? If so, I would like to suggest that asking the troops to make all the sacrifices for this war isn't exactly supporting them. In all other wars everyone was asked to support the war through increased taxes and/or war bonds, rationing, and a military draft. This is the first war where the same people (a small percentage of the total U.S. population has been asked to make most of the sacrifice, ex. multiple deployments and extended duty, while others (war contractors) are getting rich and even getting tax cuts.
I do support the troops. Either get them out of there or we should all get behind them not just with "support our troops" bumper stickers but with shared sacrifices.

Ryan said...

Again, to the person who says that Dems don't support troops: I'd recommend checking out and compare scores for (R) and (D) officials. Then I'd suggest marching (har-har, funny boy this one is) over to the Disabled American Veterans site,, and tell us sir, who really cares.

Apologies in advance for the apparent lack of clarity in the matter.

Your Summit County Democratic Schmuckaputz

Anonymous said...

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