Tuesday, November 07, 2006


First off, my observations. I was greeting at a couple of locations each housing multiple precincts in Ward 8. People were in and out in 15-20 minutes. Talking to staff at Dem HQ, it doesn't sound like any serious voter problems arose, and things have been exceedingly quiet since around lunchtime.
My Step-mom voted in Wadsworth on a touch-screen and discovered that 60 voters in there was no language for Issue 2. That's strong.

Turnout, was heavy. Not outrageous and no lines out the door, but definitely lots of voters. And this with tons of people voting absentee.

Plenty of discussion on Buckeye State and BFD about problems elsewhere, and YellowDogSammy has some exit interviews on video about problems in Cuyahoga Co. Some polls in Cuyahoga have been ordered to stay open until 9:00, so the close statewides may not be called until late.

If there are any. With all that, as I write, news organizations are calling for Strickland and Issue 2.

It's morning in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it is, and it looks like a beautiful day.

Ryan said...

What happened to turnout? I expected a far higher number of voters, even with the dreary weather.