Monday, June 05, 2006

Ohio 13: Big Guns Signing up with Sutton

While Ohio 13 candidate Betty Sutton has been almost as quiet as Ohio 13 Blog, the former has obviously been busy working the phones and signing up heavy hitters. Two invites have made their way to the House of Pho. June 14 she’s having a fundraising reception in Cleveland. The honorary chairs list is a who’s who of Cleveland politics, including Peter Lawson Jones, Bill Mason, Tim Hagan, Jimmy DiMora and Frank Russo. The biggest name in the room will be the special guest – former National Security Advisor Richard Clarke. Details on the Sutton site.

The next day she’s having a lower-key (i.e. lower cost) event here in Summit. Again, an impressive list at the top. Naturally, Sherrod Brown has climbed off the fence and signed up. Tim Ryan is in, which should make for some interesting footwork if they show up at the same event at the same time. Significantly, most of the Summit County big guns who lined up behind Capri Cafaro have resettled in the Sutton camp, including County Fiscal Officer John Donofrio, Party Finance Chair Wayne Jones, and State Sen. Kim Zurz.

Conspicuously absent from the list is Mayor Don Plusquellec, the only major ally of former candidate (and EmList oppo ad victim) Tom Sawyer.

I'm counting the pennies to see if I can afford to meet Clarke. Stay tuned.


Demgal said...

I heard someone say that Betty doesn't live in the 13th District? Is this true? If she doesn't, does she intend to move here? Just wondering.

Pho said...

When we spoke to her at Meet the Bloggers, she explained that she was moved to Chardon when she got married because her husband worked out of his home office there. She kept her house in Barberton, her hometown. She said that they were planning to move back into that house (her husband's employment situation has changed.) I don't know the status of that.

If it concerns you, consider sending the Sutton campaign and email. I'd be interested in hearing what there response is.