Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Regarding S-----d

While it can’t compare to Scott’s, I’ve had my own stubborn contest going with the Democratic nominee for Senate. Time was I had a good relationship with his campaign – particularly compared to other bloggers. I had a line into the campaign and at times they initiated contact.

Then I wrote this post calling for a make-up session with Paul Hackett and threatening to boycott the race until it happened. Two things happened – or didn’t happen – as a result. They stopped contacting me (aside from the generic emails to supporters), and I stopped mentioning the candidate by name.

Now I’m following Scott’s lead and throwing in the towel. A few reasons I elect to do so now. Above all, it’s clear I’m out of my league. If Sh- She- [deep breath] Sherrod can stand by unmoved by Scott’s caffeine-and-carbs fever dream, a mere series of dashes will move him not.

Second, I really want to talk about the Dems strategy on Iraq and I’ve gotten some interesting emails on Sherrod’s messaging on the issue.

Finally, I only have room in my political doghouse for one Democratic candidate. The current occupant? Our COPE-loving nominee for governor, T-d S--------d.


scott bakalar said...

would politics be art or science?

Jill said...

My gov't degree is a BA. I tried to get out of taking science by majoring in languages? But then I nearly flunked Chinese and had to switch anyway and take Baby Physics.

scott bakalar said...

Physics, be it baby or full-grown, is difficult. (or would that be are difficult?)