Friday, June 30, 2006

Betty Sutton's Campaign Manager Leaving

As reported by Open. I'm trying to run down the backstory. Anna's statement -- that she has another job opportunity -- has a ring of truth. First, she's an East-Coaster and out-of-towners who come here to run campaigns tend to spend their time with one foot out the door. *cough*lauriedepalo*cough*

Second, it's likely the campaign professionals believe the hard part is over. And possible that they are right. It's a solid D district and Betty is polling extremely well.


scott bakalar said...

So, we needn't necessarily read anything into this?
Anna did a good job. I'll be looking for your coming details.

redhorse said...

Anna's actually a Madisonite, still with Dairy Land plates on her vehicle. But if by East Coaster you meant planting roots in DC, then yes.

Anonymous said...

OH-13 isn't that safe. It has a lot of GOP areas and the union voters in the district have been known to swing GOP often.

Let's hope she finds another campaign manager and keeps working hard. I doubt the GOP is going to give up the chance to win this seat.

Ohio 2nd said...

Thanks for following up on this.