Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cillizza on the Ohio Congressional Races

This week’s Friday Line takes on the House races. Both the Ohio races featured in his Top Twenty – the 18th and the 6th – drop places in the rankings.

In the 18th 6th, Cillizza is impressed with Charlie Wilson’s “impressive” write-in win and observes that the Republicans have hurled all the oppo research they have to no effect (query: is the oppo having no effect on independents?)

In the 6th 18th he is basing the drop on the continued, Francisco Franco-like non-indictment of Bob Ney. He notes that Zach Space is a “mediocre” candidate. He doesn’t acknowledge the uglies for Ney in the McCain Report.

I’d feel a lot better about the list if he had 21-50 stashed away elsewhere on the site. That way we would know he’s keeping decent eye on races like the 1st and 15th.

Corrections thanks to Staff at Buckeye State.


Anonymous said...

you got the 6th and 18th swapped i think.