Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Democracy losing a Guy?

Tim Russo has posted a decision to leave blogging, perhaps permanently. I hope that he reconsider that decision.

I wouldn't presume to imagine being in Tim’s position – an ugly arrest, a law-abiding life before and after, but people keep shoving the mistake of the past back into public view. As one of the people who piled on when the story broke, I have conveyed to him my regret for the incident. More than anything else, it grieves me to see someone I know in obvious pain.

Yes, Tim could be infuriating. But knowing he was out there to call me out if I wasn’t meticulous in making an argument made me a better blogger. His insights into the political process are irreplaceable, and his passion for democracy undeniable. This thing we do is poorer without him.

As soon as Blogger will let me, I will relocate his link to the “On Hiatus” category, ever hopeful he will be back.