Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My internet connection is down. My internet connection is down and has been down since Monday morning. My internet connection is down and will be down ALL WEEK!!!
After enduring a day of shaky hands, blurry vision and food tasting like sawdust, I wrote a couple of posts at home last night and have made my way to a coffee house with wi-fi today. Thank you, Angel Falls.

So, what to do with the blog. Probably what you get from me this week is essays without much in the way research behind them or links within. I will barely have time to check my various email accounts, do what I have to do for work and upload whatever Word document I’ve prepared at home. I won’t be surfing the blogosphere, so apologies in advance for anything duplicative. And expect more than usual in the way of factual errors. Finally, I won’t be responding much to comments.

By rights I should take the week off. My plummeting hit stats tell me that blogging is a winter sport. But I made a deal with myself to post at least once a day this year (as in blogging Year Two.) It would be a shame to blow it the second week after the blogoversary. Even though this isn’t up until now, it counts, dammit.