Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Hypo" Speaks!

Way back in the blog pleistoscene era -- like maybe 15 months ago -- I told a guy at an anti-TABOR coalition meeting that I was looking for Ohio blogs. He told me his favorite was some anonymous but apparently well-connected blogger working under the handle Hypothetically Speaking. A Google search later and I was hooked. I can't say he's a guy who inspired me to get into this -- more like a guy who set the bar so intimidatingly high it probably delayed my entry by at least a month.

In December he started disappearing for extended stretches and coming back to apologetically blog briefly about the health problems that kept him quiet, then start back up again. Then in late January he announce he had cancer and would park the blog while undergoing treatment.

Now he's back and, from the looks of his first post, in fighting form. Surf over and welcome him back.