Wednesday, June 14, 2006

D Fink Has a Challenger

At our second meeting for Next Step for Akron I met a nice young man who has taken out petitions to run for State Board of Education in District 7. That’s the position currently held by evolution skeptic and charter schools Pollyanna Deborah Owens Fink.

State Board of Ed is one of those positions candidates run for without a party affiliation on the ballot. Elections for such positions are fairly unpredictable since no candidate goes in with a yellow dog base. That is in part why a partisan conservative like D Fink represents a district (Summit, Portage, Trumbull, Ashtabula) that trends blue. David Brennan’s campaign largess didn’t hurt.

All of which is very interesting because Dave Kovacs is running as a Green. I didn’t know that when we talked or I would have had some additional questions for him – like are the Greens making a strategic push in obscure, down-ticket races.

Kovacs' website is up-front about his Green affiliation, though fairly close-lipped about who Kovacs is and where he came from – no bio page, nothing I could find in the bloggish archive section. From what I glean from Google, he is a U of A senior and may be a bassist. He has my email. He’s free to send a bio sheet.

I'm not down with the Greens, but I'm sufficiently weary of D Fink that I'll put Kovacs' website on the sidebar next round of updates.