Monday, April 10, 2006

Absolutely Sweet Capri

Three items relating to my very very favorite Congressional candidate came my way to day. Please allow me to share.

Powerpuff Girl

The Carl Chancellor Puffathon continues today with Capri’s turn in the dock. The format appears to be following the candidate for some part of a day with some time for direct questions. Cafaro talks Medicare with seniors where she lets loose a truly memorable unfortunate metaphor:

"This is precisely why you need somebody in there fighting for you like a kamikaze bomber."
Even pre-9/11 this would be troubling. If someone promises to fight for me in Congress, I want some assurance she can do so more than once. Of course, given my misgivings about her prospects in the general, blowing up, causing grievous damage and never being heard from again may be about right.

Needless to say, she isn't asked how she will pay for the SAW plan, how our trading parters will react to junking three decades' worth of trade agreements. No MSM jump here. But wait, Cafaro reprises the Victoria Gotti blast from my comments section. I feel so relevant.

Elsewhere she talks about the Traficant trial which is one area where she and I are cool. I for one don’t condemn her for testifying under immunity. In a white collar prosecution, any halfway-decent defense attorney is going to negotiate an immunity deal if he can. The laws are complex, the facts are complex, it’s too easy to say one thing that leads to another. Frankly, the fact that she got such a deal indicates what a small fish she was in the whole scheme.

I have plenty of reasons to vote against Capri Cafaro. I don’t need murmurs of corruption.

Capri Pizza

I received the following, via the County Party:

Yes, for fifteen bucks you can have Suds and Za with Capri.

Two things about this are excellent. The first is Cafaro, whose previous addresses include Central Park South -- trying to be just folks. That will be funny no matter how many times it happens.

The second is the public acknowledgement of several local D heavy hitters – notably Party Finance Chair Wayne Jones, non-accountant fiscal officer John Donofrio and former County Council President Tim Crawford – supporting her. Support from such quarters has been rumored, but this is the first time I’ve been able to post it. People like Jones haven’t yet been questioned about why they are supporting the one candidate who stands a real chance of losing. Now they are out and hopefully someone somewhere will ask.

The Price We Bloggers Pay

You may or may not enjoy my ranting about Cafaro, but you should know it comes to you at great cost. When I post about her, I inevitably get email from the “Traficant Wuz Framed” camp. These folks make people who natter on about World Trade Center Building Seven look well-grounded. Sometimes they are clear that I'm anti-Cafaro, sometimes it eludes them. No matter, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend in this instance. I’ve been reluctant to post links to their websites up till now because it just encourages them.

Apparently in Feburary there was a town hall on Youngstown’s favorite Federal inmate, as reported by the Vindicator’s blog. The Traficant Tinfoil Brigade is in fine voice in the comments sectiom. Toward the end someone drops links to the post-Capri MTB posts which is how I found it. If you want to share my pain, stop by and have a look.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should spend more time with your kids and less time blogging, before they become as angry and redundant as you...

k-pho said...

There is further ugliness in the reader comments in the online version of chancelors column at:

There are some serious Capri haters out there.

Summary: She's using her hotness to get elected, she's dumb, she's not hot, she's mobbed up, and my favorite: she slept with Traficant.

I guess that's what you get from a self-selected sample of people willing to read Carl Chancellor.

Keng said...

Dear Mr. Angry:

I have no idea how you could possibly spend more time with the kids! Clearly [Ahem!] Anonymous #26 doesn't know ya like I do.

Maybe you do rant a little too much about the Cafaro candidacy. Maybe I simply enjoy your stinging criticisms of her because, secretly, I enjoy every barb tossed at the fair and beautiful Mahoning Valley. It is, after all, where my ex-wife is from and the land of all of those ex-in-laws (is this the correct term?).

Personally, I, too, resent someone moving into this area just for a quick and "easy" election run. Maybe she'll be a better candidate in a few years once she's gained political experience and has learned what makes NEO tick. Maybe she should truly become a member of our society before offering to represent us?

Just an "angry" thought...

grandpaboy said...

In addition to the slings and arrows of the Traffi-dems, you also have the honor of titling a post "Absolutely Sweet Capri." Nice.

Pho said...

Thanks, Keng.

For any readers sufficiently concerned that they are tempted to call DYS, I blog a little when the kids are in school, but mostly when they are in bed. My kids don't suffer for the blog but, judging by the steamer trunks under my eyes this morning, I do.


Interesting. I never know how to guage broader community sentiment by BJ comments. I hope it's a bad barometer or Issue 1 is doomed.

For the record, Capri Cafaro is not dumb. She is a pretty good illustration of the difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Also, hotness or lack of same is a poor criteria for picking a candidate. But as long as it comes up, let me point out that Betty Sutton is way hotter than Capri.

Pho said...


Glad someone noticed.

Kyle said...

The Beacon Journal really seems to like Capri. I'm going to be curious to see who they endorse.

Anonymous said...

Why is it you think because Capri has money that she does not do the same things you and I do? Like have pizza with friends? The whole concept of you criticizing her just for the sake of it, for something as simple as an event to hang out with her is ridiculous. Now I see what the first anonymous meant. Sounds pretty Pho-ny to me.

Melissa C.

Pho said...

Melissa, give me a break. I've posted plenty of substantive criticisms of Cafaro and haven't heard a peep (and least not an attributed peep) from you. Yes, I take potshots. But your taking potshots only at my potshots is the exact lameness you accuse me of.

If you want to talk substance, step up. Defend a program that will cost $55 billion before generating any improvement over the status quo. Impress me.

"Eliot Ness" said...

Pho: There's the prattlings of the "Traficant Tinfoil Brigade" and then there's sworn testimony about Cafaro fraud, given to Congress under penalty for perjury ( e.g. ).

As an attorney, you'll appreciate that the two are not the same.