Friday, April 14, 2006

Notes on MTB Tom Sawyer

Cafe Momus, the home now of MTB/Akron, is closed for Easter weekend tomorrow. The woman who schedules the back room took pity on us and, because she was scheduled to be there anyway to bake, is opening the cafe for our group.

Two points. First, for any bloggers coming to the session, don't freak out if the place looks closed. She will open it up around 10:30, but the parking lot will look unusually deserted. We'll be there, come on in.

Second, Cafe Momus has been good to us in a mutually beneficial way up until now, but this is above and beyond. If you follow this or other blogs involved in MTB, if you enjoy hearing the podcasts and reading our write-ups and if you find yourself in the Akron U area, stop by Momus, pick up a cup of joe and tell them Meet the Bloggers sent you.