Saturday, April 08, 2006

This Is Just the Latest of my Many Public Humiliations

When I heard the story of Taft lobbing hateburgers at Blackwell, I thought the most interesting point to be made was the meaning of the media silence on the incident. Which of course falls apart if the media actually reported it. Which it did. Apparently.

I actually did look around before posting the story, but failing to check the Blade is in retrospect indefensible. So I did my post and had generally an excellent blogging week (as measured by things to say and lack of block) and an OK work week and had a few cool backchannel things happen. Then I saw the item in Open and got really taken with my bad self. So I posted again.

Fortunately my God loves me and shows that love by making sure I stay in my place. I actually got two readers pointing out the fuckup, one in a post and one by email. I appreciate the attempt to spare me embarassment, but when I screw up I'll own it.

So, a screwup. Not the first here and definitely not the last. I just happened to get the information right before leaving for an out-of-town meeting for work. I was reflecting on my long drive that this blog shouldn't be about chasing the exclusives, it's about deep thinking about policy arcana. So I vowed to swear off seeking the scoop.

Then I heard about a juicy scoop that I'm chasing down for next week. I officially Will Never Learn.

Besides, did anyone else bring you a one-on-one with Norbert Denerll last week? I didn't think so.


redhorse said...

you can always pass scoop to us. we're gossipy little things at PBD.