Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ohio 13: Who's Got Mail?

With Cafaro's campaign apparently imploding, the Ohio 13 race gets even more unpredictable. I'm interested in collecting field reports from within 13. What contact are you getting from the campaigns? What ads are you seeing? Are any yard signs popping up?

Let's try to harness the collective intelligence of the internet community to take some snapshots of the campaign. Drop your observations in comments or an email. Be sure to tell me where you are so we can guage what campaigns are doing where.

So far, I'm just hearing from the Sutton campaign. I've gotten three mailings -- all bearing a disclaimer from the Ohio affiliate of EMILY's List. I've also gotten two E-List robocalls.

I've seen Sutton signs outside her Akron HQ, but nowhere else so far. I'm also seeing David McGrew signs, especially closer to Firestone HS (not to be confused with Firestone Park.) I've been watching very little TV lately, so I can't guage the air war.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet in the real world. In the earned media/internet sniping world things are jumping, about which I may blog later.

I am, if you didn't know, in the West Akron/Merriman hills area.


Anonymous said...

News to me. Had not heard of Cafaro campaign "imploding." She has a lot of suport up here in Lorain and Cuyahoga. I suppose this is a self-proclaimed assumption? like it matters anyway...

Anna K.

Scott Piepho said...


The implosion reference is about her lawsuit threat. She may defy all political wisdom and suffer no political harm, but I doubt it, as does pretty much everyone I talk to. The consensus, even among non-Cafaro bashers is that this is a jump-the-shark moment.

If you are seeing Cafaro love up there, how is it manifested? Street signs? Buttons? What? Set aside our apparent differences on candidates and lets try to put the picture together.

k-pho said...

I've just seen yard signs for this election cycle showing up this week, but none yet for oh13. I'll survey the neighborhood tonight & report back. I watch very little broadcast TV, so I haven't seen an ad yet. We got at least one of the Emily's Sutton ads. I'll check with L about what else we've gotten.

k-pho said...

Today we got a second Emily's list mailing supporting Sutton as well as a Robocall for Sutton through Emily's List. There are also two billboards for Cafaro in Barberton -- one on I-76 and one on Cleveland-Massillon Rd.

Anonymous said...

I've seen very little, but I live near Pho in what I'll call North Highland Square. Sounds like a prime soap, North Highland Square.

Regardless, on the air, I've seen just Cafaro ads. New one recently, whereupon she was wearing hte get up she had on at MTB. Wonder if it was taped the same day?

Email, I only get some things from the Sutton camp. Nothing else.

Signs, i've just seen the Sutton ones near her HQ, and that only today. No McGrew yet, but haven't been over to FHS for a few weeks. Outside the 13th, a boatload of County Commish signs, and the typical judicial deluge within the last week.

No robo's yet. Perhaps my history as a primary voter in Ohio is long enough to warrant inclusion the call list?

Anonymous said...

Cafaro had 450 people at her dinner in Lorain last night

scott bakalar said...

I wasn't there, but the anon above me pointing out that Cafaro pulled 450 in Lorain last night doesn't surprise me either. Lorain appears to be a Capri stronghold.

As of this morning, running the spouse to work, no other lawn signs out - only Cafaro's, and there's dozens and dozens of them. Hers are the only TV ads I've seen thus far as well.

I've received the Sutton emails 2-3 per day. Other than Bill Grace's endorsement by the Lorain Journal and Foltin's by the PD and MJ both - that's been it - all's quiet on the Western front.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog.

However, I think you (and some other NE Ohio bloggers) are too quick to declare the Cafaro campaign dead. Sure, threatening lawsuits against her opponents did make her look defensive, but most people will know her from her campaign ads highlighting her SAW proposal. I do agree with you that SAW is impractical and bad policy, but its I think it resonates with many Democratic primary voters who want to protect American manufacturing jobs (judging by the yard signs, especially Lorain County voters). I think Cafaro could surprise many bloggers and actually win the primary.

scott bakalar said...

just got a Gary Kucinich robo-call.
I could "press 1" to get a yard sign and help end the war now.

Anthony said...

I live in Cuyahoga Falls and there is a Tom Sawyer billboard on Front Street (by the Acme) Also have seen McGrew signs, received a robo call and a mailing from Craig Foltin, McGrew sent out 9 minute DVDs about himself and attacking Foltin Was in Springfield earlier today and saw a Sutton sign and something I saw that has not been reported on yet in Springfield in front of the High School and on a curb there are signs that say "Tom Sawyer supported Nafta We don't support Sawyer" I do not know who put these up but by the vicinity of the Sutton sign I would guess it's her campaign