Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick Hits and Fazed Cookies*.

I’m really tired tonight, so don’t look for a lot of depth.

-If you are the very last blog reader to hear about the Bill Ritter/Stonewall Dems/Ohio Blogosphere donnybrook, let me be the first to tell you all about it. On second thought, let Brian and Tim. I was on the road all day, so didn’t get to participate, but high fives all around.

-Some time ago I reported that the General Assembly had passed legislation allowing for a license plate bearing the legend “One Nation Under God.” The first chapter of the inevitable Constitutional challenge was penned this week when the Sixth Circuit upheld Tennessee’ “Choose Life” plate. I posted a question in comments at PrawfsBlawg. The first one in answers pretty much right on, though I still think there’s something to my “repurposing” argument from the original post.

-If you didn’t hear over the weekend, the Sixth Circuit also found punch-card ballots violate the Equal Protection Clause under the reasoning of Bush v. Gore. How Appealing has a useful set of links, and the actual decision is here. I’ve been skimming through it for my edification – using the odd lexicon under which reading fifty page appellate opinions is deemed edifying.

-The other day I saw a guy putting out an Issue 1 sign and removing his Blackwell/Raga sign to the garage. It’s morning again in Ohio.

-Speaking of neighbors, a family on my block is moving. Mrs. L. told me today that her Smythe Cramer realtor says that no one is house hunting in Akron these days – they are all waiting to see if the levy passes. If you have property in the city, it’ll cost you some extra taxes if the levy passes, but it will probably cost more in lost property values if it fails. If you live in Firestone or Ellet – the two highest performing clusters – you paid a premium that will be lost with all those “extras” the mouth-breathers against the levy rail against.

-The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!*. This week’s Carnival of Politics is up.

-Ohio Citizen Action has a handy page up with analysis of campaign contributions to the four major party gubernatorial candidates. Blackwell stands out with over 90% in small contributions. Is there any way to find out how many of those were coordinated by Patriot Pastors?

-The Democrat’s Net Neutrality amendment died in Committee. The Senate appears ready to take up issues of broadband access and muni wi-fi.

*Finally, I announce a new feature here at the Akron Pages. The more hip and observant among you have notice the odd obscure pop-culture reference. Well, I’m going to start rewarding the spotters. From now on, I’ll offer PhoPoints on certain drops that go to first commenter to ID the orgin.

I’ll keep a running tab and report standings. For now, only bragging rights are at stake, but I make come up with something like a Random Ten of one’s own as a prize if the thing catches on.I expect a righteous tilt between Grandpaboy and 54Cermak, with Redhorse and k-pho as dark horses. Interactivity is our watchword here at House of Pho. So, 20 PhoPoints for the title of this post; ten for the “phone books are here” tag above. You're on your honor not to Google.


grandpaboy said...

phone books - Lisa Simpson in full "We got beets!" mode

hits and cookies - over my head. It sounds like a DU greatest hits package

Yeah, interactivity!

grandpaboy said...

And I whiffed. You may have not misunderestimated me enough, Pho.

redhorse said...

is that a take on "hot rocks" v2.0? Seem to remember that. I have v1.0 in the truck and I believe it is subtitled 1964-1971.

Pho said...

Redhorse, you're in. 20 points for identifying "More Hot Rocks: Big Hits and Fazed Cookies" as the inspiration.

Ten points still available. Gpb, inspired choice but incorrect. I'll give it a couple days.

54cermak said...

Redhorse beat me to the Rolling Stones reference. The phone books line is from "The Jerk", although I had to second guess myself because I could totally hear Lisa Simpson saying that.

Pho said...

You got it 54.

redhorse said...

this is fun, I like this. wonder how long until I get another right. Months, likely!

boringmadedull said...


And I knew the "phonebooks" line from Steve Martin's "The Jerk". Just too late in the day. Not nuff computers to go 'round the boring household.