Friday, April 21, 2006

Bob Ney: A Different Kind of Burn Rate

As they note on the 'Billy, this is MoneyDay in the Campaign Decathlon. Today TPM Muckraker reports that Abramoff golf partner Bob Ney is spending 40 cents of every campaign dollar on legal fees. Not only does Ney have to worry about getting indicted, Republicans must be concerned about donor fatigue.

I get emails from the campaign of James "Broadside" Harris who is running against Ney in the Republican primary. He routinely turns phrases like this:

I am pro-liberty, pro-owner and pro-growth, and I am opposed to
crony-socialism. Too many Democrats want to tax us more to make obese institutionalism even bigger, and too many Republicans slide down a slippery slope into institutional temptation.
I disagree with most everything he says and it sounds like he's running his campaign out of his mom's basement, but he talks a hell of a game. I can't help wonder if R3C people are asking Ney to step aside before it's too late.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Joe Sulzer has moved from Ney's rearview mirror to the sideview (from a campaign email):
Sulzer raised $111,419.12 in the first quarter of 2006, with 94 percent of
contributions coming from individuals. Of his 512 contributions, 88
percent of those were from through-out Ohio, highlighting Sulzer's broad support
amongst Democrats from within the district and across the state. Sulzer's
figure keeps pace with Ney's $140,000, despite the fact that 68 percent of Ney's
contributions came from PACs .
Figuring in Ney's legal fees burn, Sulzer has to be about even.