Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Musical Posts -- An Explanation

If you start a post, save it as a draft, write a different post, then finish the first post, Blogger posts them in order of when they were started, not when they were finished. Last night I started the Issue 1 post and foolishly continued adding text as I was uploading pictures. Inevitably, I had a "Blogger Sucks" moment, lost about a half hour of work and went to bed. I finished it after posting the spur-of-the-moment quickie about campaign monitoring. Since the Issue 1 post is near and dear, I wanted it up top for a spell, so I copied, pasted it into a new post, hollowed out this one and viola.

As long as we're chatting and all, I'll mention the latest changes to the blogroll. I added the Issue 1 website to the top of the Local Campaigns section. Also, I recently found some more blogs that roll me for the Phriends section. Eric Fingerhut has been up for some time, but I hadn't noticed The Pages on the roll 'til now. The Donkey appears to be a UNC student originally from Lake County. From the NEO to the ACC -- I can relate. Leave Us Alone is a left/libertarian blog -- always an interesting perspective. Dude, WTF is a young woman who blogs about life and baseball. Kindly don't tell my wife there's a young woman nearby blogging about the Tribe. Not that she doesn't trust me, but . . .

UPDATE: Just added the Voices and Choices blog to the Phriends list.

Stop by, say hi, tell them Pho sent you.


Jason Sonenshein said...

Thanks for the link!