Friday, April 07, 2006

Tom Sawyer to Meet the Bloggers

Former mayor, U.S. Representative and current congressional candidate Tom Sawyer will meet the bloggers Saturday, April 15 at 11:00 at Cafe Momus.

Once again, if you have a blog, you are invited. CampaignAddict, Lord Akron you're invited. Peppermint, Mia, Sage Lewis -- invited. El Jefe is invited as is Dextrometh -- your post on the smoking hearing alone qualifies you. I'd pretty much be good with any of the frontpagers on Cool People -- you have the vibe and you have a place to post your impressions.

De, JudeandElise, John, Socioeconomics, William Green. All invited. As is anyone I missed or who I haven't found yet. This is a chance to meet someone seeking to be your representative in Congress and ask whatever is on your mind.

And if you are generally interested but can't make this one, drop me an email (pho197(at)hotmail(dot)com) so we can add you to the email discussions scheduling these sessions.


socioeconomics said...

Do you know how long it is gonna last?

Pho said...

Thanks for responding, Soc.

Generally we have some set up time which we try to get done before the appointed hour. Assuming the candidate gets there on time, which shouldn't be a problem in this case, we get started and go for an hour. George cuts it off at an hour so the podcast is a length people will actually listen to and so transcription costs don't get out of hand.

Then there is generally a gabfest afterwards which sometimes the candidate and entourage take part in, sometimes not.

The point being, if you show up at around 11:00, you will have a chance to ask questions. If you need to bug out early or right when the recording stops, no problem.

Hope to see you (and maybe some other Akron bloggers???) there.