Friday, April 07, 2006

My First MSM Jump?

Earlier this week I wrote about a friend's story of Taft's strongly anti-Blackwell remarks at the John Gilligan birthday party and the fact that it hadn't made the papers. While it was hardly a huge story, it surprised me that no one anywhere mentioned it (as was my source.)

Now someone has. Maybe.

First, the PD's Henry Gomez on Tech Link linked to the post in his Daily Blog Watch (a first in itself). Now the PD's gossipy political blog Open has tracked down the story and run with it. Their source's version is a little different from my friend's:

Ohio's chronically unpopular governor, Bob Taft, found himself awash in hearty
applause recently when he addressed a group that had come to celebrate the
birthday of former governor Jack Gilligan, a Democrat.No, Taft told the
gathering, I'm not here to announce I'm becoming a Democrat.Then he paused.

"If I see one more Blackwell ad, I might.''

I'll probably never know if Sandy Theis was running this down all along or started on that road after seeing my post (during a visit to Harrison County Hospital, no doubt.) I've said for some time that the true power of the blogosphere is its ability to seed information in the MSM, somthing that hasn't happened much in the NEO. I'm still holding out for the time an MTB snippet hits the papers, but this is a hopeful glimmer.


scott bakalar said...

I saw that at "Open" this morning and just knew they wrangled it from you.

Isn't "Scrubs" actually filmed at Harrison County Hospital?

William 2006 said...

I saw it in the Toledo Blade on-line. Then I read your post.