Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Quick Note from my SiteMeter Report . . .

. . . Someone found the blog by Googling "Capri Cafaro Slut."

Just knowing that makes me happy.


scott bakalar said...

After reading that, I pulled up my google and typed that in - and what do you know?

It's true, in fact P.A.P. is entry #4.

Daily Kos is #1.

The internets are wonderful.

redhorse said...

Absolute hilarity. The fact that it shows up, her name in proximity to slut, so often must be distressing to her.

Pho said...


Thanks for commenting. To be fair to Capri (and it's an act of will for me to be fair to Capri) none of the search results actually yields someone commenting on her virtue. I popped up on the search because one of my anti-Capri rants is close enough to my own selfconfession of blogroll sluttiness.

By the way, you get much more valid results if you Google "Ann Coulter Lying C*nt."

boringmadedull said...

Apparently, I wasn't tough enough on her.