Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Horserace 2006 Roundup

Governor. Only readers for whom the Akron Pages is their first stop on the internet have failed to hear that Betty Montgomery is out. Ohio 2006 has the best news list, RAB has a roundup of righty blog reaction, High and Broad has the most thoughtful lefty analysis. Swing State also notes the story.

A Betty Montgomery candidacy gave me deep worries about winning the election - polls be damned. But I did feel that Montgomery winning would at least put the state good hands. Montgomery was what she was on the issues, but she was an excellent administrator.

And oh by the way, if you missed Michael Douglas's Sunday Editorial about Eric Fingerhut, go back and read it now. Compelling thoughts. Democrats seem to have parallel races in Senate and Governor -- one candidate better at electioneering and another with better prospects for success in office. And both good in each category. Let the wild rumpus start.

Auditor. Local State Rep. Barbara Sykes is running. No word on what she brings in the way of auditor-relevant experience. My lamentation about losing Betty Montgomery as a candidate applies here. Auditor is arguably the most technical and administratively challenging statewide post after Attorney General. A good candidate needs to point to experience in running more than a State Rep. staff office. CORRECTION: As Paul points out in the comments, I missed the reference in the ABJ story to her time in the County Auditor's office.

Ohio 44. Barbara Sykes' husband Vernon has reportedly taken out petitions to run for her seat. The 44th State District is a "safe" Dem spot, so the winner of the primary probably strolls into the office. Sykes runs against young veteran campaign staffer William Green. African American politics have a dynamic all their own that white guys like me find hard to grasp. But know this: the 44th this year represents one of those "Young Turk challenging the Olde Guard" races that always makes for an entertaining contest. You can catch up with William Green on his blog.


Paul said...

High And Broad is reporting that she has experience in the Summit County Auditor's office.

You also have to feel for William Green. This reminds me of Mark Losey getting swamped aside by Mary Jo Kilroy in the 15th Congressional District.

aka The Blogger formerly known as Reclaim Ohio

Pho said...

Dammit Dammit Dammit. I read the same damn ABJ story H&B did, but managed to miss/forget that reference when I posted. This blogging-in-my-spare-nanoseconds business has its drawbacks. *sigh* OK, I've corrected the post now.

As for Green, yes it sucks to be him a little, but it was unlikely that spot was going to stay open for a newbie. It remains to be seen whether Green will have Things to Say about the next generation of Black leaders, or if he will just be some guy.

Yellow Dog Sammy said...

I guess there's some thought that Montgomery dropping out gives Petro a leg up Blackwell, even that Bennett may have encouraged her to drop out for that reason. That's based on the notion that all those Republican moderate voters will now roll over to Petro. My reaction: WHAT moderate Republicans? If there were enough of them to matter, Montgomery would still be in the race.

BTW, I absolutely agree that we need a better candidate against LaTourette. A really solid opponent could take him out. There are a lot of Democratic voters in that district, and LaTourette's antics on the CAFTA vote will hurt him. Damn, why couldn't Betty Sutton run in the 14th? She's from Chardon, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why Green's considered a 'veteran'? His 'about me' doesn't even make sense...

And Betty Sutton isn't from Chardon, though she's currently living in Munson. She's actually from the 13th, and held office in the District for about 10 years. She was on Barberton City Council, County Council and State Rep previous to practicing law full time.

Pho said...


I meant "veteran" in the sense of "not a rookie" as opposed to "grizzled old pro." He has worked on a number of campaigns, from what I hear. I'll also say that some contacts who are fairly dialed in hadn't heard of him before he announced. And yes, he needs to edit his blog.

And you are correct about Sutton. She represented Summit County when she was at the Statehouse. Frankly, folks in SummitCo don't care which half of our vivisected county a candidate is from, we'd just like representation for a change.