Monday, January 09, 2006

Where's Russo?

The mystery over the sudden shutdown of Buckeye Politics deepened considerably with this cryptic post at BFD. So now we know something is happening and that George isn't talking. Meanwhile, Democracy Guy is still up with today's book installment and Cleveland Scores shows a morning post by Tim. Apparently he got some blogging done this morning, did his 90.3 appearance, then fell off the planet

Politics junkies, and especially Buckeye Politics junkies, now ask themselves WWTD? What Tim would do, obviously, is engage in wanton, unfounded and reckless speculation. We followers of Tim owe him no less. Tim Would Want It That Way.

A few ground rules. First, sly digs at Tim are expected, but I will put up with no Frank Drebin-style anti-Tim diatribes. Second, your speculation can't be ruled out by the available facts. So . . .
-Tim is dead -- George could tell us about that
-The server crashed due to the MS hole -- George could tell us about that too. Plus, the hole was patched last week.
-Tim was fired -- doesn't make sense why the whole site is down.

Third, the wilder the speculation the better.

With the above caveats, the comments field is yours, BP refugee.


ohio 2nd said...

Isn't it interesting that fellow ODP Christmas Party attendie Pounder @ Buckeye Senate has been totally silent on the story and isn't responding to emails?

Bryan said...

Yeah, and Sherrod dropped out of MTB the same day BP went blind.

Wild-ass speculation -- did Brown's folks send BP's owner a nasty cease-and-desist order b/c of the BP content? In response, BP's owner pulls the plug, gets legal advice, and warns Tim to zip-it.

Yeah, it's just WAS.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Brown's camp followed up on their threats of legal action. That would explain the radio silence.

Anonymous said...

BlueCollarBaby (someone registered my name, sucks)

I'm curious if this has to do with a certain email some of the bloggers who were at the ODP Christmas party meeting received from Russo a little under a week before the shutdown.

Also, does anyone think the graphic is a little cryptic. If Tim were going to personally take his site down for any reason, I would think that he would put up a placeholder that is a little more aesthetically appealing...unless he didn't have a lot of time.