Wednesday, January 04, 2006

LiveBlog: Sherrod Brown Meets the Public Radio Audience

Right now Rep. Brown in on WCPN's "90.3 After 9." Interesting questions. I'll do my best to catch up and liveblog what's left.

Here's what I heard in the car on the way back from taking Kid T to school:

The moderator is "Sam" from the Plain Dealer (don't know the PD staff well enough to know who that is).

I pick things up around 9:15.

So far he's discussed the history of his entrance in the race -- he denies the reassurance to Hackett, reiterates his earlier explanation that he told Schumer and Reid that he couldn't decide on their timetable, etc.

Denies that "many" Democrats are upset he entered the race.

On bloggers -- some want to talk about substance. Some just want to engage in character assasination (who would those be I wonder?)

How will you appeal to voters downstate?
-I've won statewide races before. Won for 10 years in a district carried by Bush (really?) I know how to appeal to independents and moderates.

He discusses issues. Opposed war b/f Hackett. His outspoken leadership. Liberal/progressive record -- he prefers "Progressive."

LIVEBLOG from here down.

Question about prescription drugs. Need to stand up to drug industry (good) and reimport drugs (silly.)

Don from Euclid says don't run away from the label "liberal." Sherrod links his canary pin to the W.Va. mine disaster.

Q: listener says she got a call from Hackett campaign and asked why PH won't run again in OH-2.
Brown: I haven't called Paul and said get out of the race and run against Schmidt. I hope he runs for that seat because that's a seat we could pick up. My focus is running against DeWine.

Moderator followup: Already running in general, not primary?
Brown: my philosophy is that primary is about talking about the incumbent and why we should win in general. Hackett hasn't been talking about substance. PH not experienced in this. Allies engaging in personal attacks.

Mod: Letter to DeWine about Alito.
Brown: someone in my office quoted a blogger extensively. Blogger later said thankyou. Alito has been poor in enforcing worker rights. PD wrote a story b/c we neglected to credit the site. DeWine shopped it around to all the papers, PD was the only one that bit. PD is bending over backwards to show they aren't favoring me b/c of my wife.

Mod: This was the same situation that drove Biden out of the race.
Brown: Sam, you worked in Washington. You know better. People do this in Washington. I apologized. Your newspaper accused me of something w/o talking to me or to the supposed victim. Editorialist didn't call me. Cartoonist didn't call me. Reporter doing followup analysis didn't call me.
"To compare me to Biden sounds like PD conservative editorial claptrap."

-You don't think that situation was plagiarism?
-It was a mistake and I apologize.

Ken. Where do I get a canary pin? What about energy costs?
Brown: Reps passed tax subsidies to get industry to do things they would anyway. We pay twice. No interest in administration in conservation or alt. energy souces. Should think about excess profits issues. Need assistance to elderly.
Call my campaign HQ for pin.

Clint from Shaker: Objects to claim that liberals I have a problem with D's for attack on underprivileged and minorities in Dem party. Only one black governor. Assault on economic rights of underprivileged by S.Ct. (eminent domain decision.)
Brown: Wish we did have more black leaders. Disagree with characterization about
Recounts everything Democrats have done: civil rights, medicare, environmental regs, soc. sec. There were good Republicans, but Democrats led the charge. Tom Delay southern conservative party is standing in the way of worker rights.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell is he so defensive?

scott bakalar said...

OH2nd, he's just "scrimaging" for "Meet the Bloggers". On Jan 14th, I'm sure we'll see a defense that A.J. Hawk would be envious of.

Anonymous said...


OMG, Sherrod Brown just cussed out his Connie Schultz's brother!

Anonymous said...

As liberal as I am, I take issue on the excess profit tax on oil companies. It's not that I think of them as angels, but the bottom line is that in the next few years, we will hit a worldwide peak in oil production, if we haven't hit it already. Dwindling supply and rising demand will spell economic disaster and only further the strife in the Middle East.

Right now, oil production is at full capacity (except in Iraq) and people are simply consuming too much. They drive big SUV's, live in big McMansions that consume a lot of energy to heat and cool, and drive long distances to/from work.

Constant production at full capacity means that costs will plateau and then decline due to increasing efficiency. On top of that, demand is so high that the oil companies can simply sell to the highest bidder, which means they will make a killing.

Again, I don't think oil companies have halos on their heads, but I think the huge profits are simple supply/demand economics.

Therefore, an excess profits does absolutely nothing to solve the energy problem. It will not lower prices at the pump!

Ultimately, the excess profit tax is a feel good political ploy, but the Democrats need to be extremely careful because their lack of understanding of oil production issues could cause this to backfire.