Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just a Word Before I Go

I'm declaring another Step Away From The Blogosphere Day and I have a pile of volunteer work to do and need to plan a much-belated birthday party for Kid T. A couple items first.

I Suck. I have consistently forgotten to plug the Meet the Bloggers fundraiser tonight. Truth be told, most of my readers are either Summit Co. folks unlikely to go or BFD regulars, so I don't know how much was lost. But given how much I've gotten out of MTB, it's fairly unconscionable this is my first mention. Details here. If you can't make it to the fundraiser, consider a contribution.

Subodh Schmubodh. The big news is the MTB prequel posted by Jill in which Chris Redfern essentially dismisses blogs as a political force. Reaction by Ohio2 and BSB. This one will be Topic A for a while.

A Capri Post in the Works. The Capri Cafaro discussion has clearly gotten away from me. I'm working on a post to try and clean up the mess.

Have a good one.


George Nemeth said...

No worries, Scott. Appreciate this mention, but more importanly, you contribution by participating in MTB interviews...