Thursday, January 12, 2006

Whither Russo?

Tim re-emerges, but only to tell us he's done with Buckeye Politics. Many questions are and will probably remain unanswered about what happened. It also remains to be seen whether Tim will blog or be involved with the community again, George is pessismistic.

I will miss Tim for his insight, for information gleaned from contacts and for his tirades which were quite enjoyable if I agreed with the target. I also am somewhat depressed because Tim had found the Holy Grail -- a way to get paid for blogging (cue music.) Seeing it snatched away from him -- days after he celebrated it himself, no less -- makes my dream seem that much more ephemeral.

So the blogging world has turned from wild-ass speculation about where Tim is to . . . wild-ass speculation about what he will do next. Live from Dayton's idea that Tim may catch on with the Hackett campaign raises an intiguing possibility. My sources tell be that former Coleman operative Bryan Clarke has signed on with Hackett. Clarke and Russo tilted a couple of times before Coleman tossed it in.

The strange-bedfellowship of Clarke and Russo on the same campaign raises all kinds of possibilities -- probably too backroom to be blogged, but a guy can hope.