Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wingnut Talk Show Host Bashes Obama, Get Souljah'd by McCain

Cincy Enquirer just posted video of local right wing radio yapper Bill Cunningham going off on Obama, followed by McCain apologizing and rebuking him. According to the accompanying story:

    Cunningham was critical of the national news media, saying that sooner or later, the media would begin covering Obama's "sweetheart deals in Chicago and the illegal loans he got in Chicago.''

    He also called Obama a "hack Chicago-style Daley politican'' and twice used Obama's middle name Hussein, referring to him as "Barack Hussein Obama.''
Cunningham also pictured a day a year from now when Obama is in the White House and meeting with a rogues gallery of world leaders like Ahmadinejiad and Kim Jong Il.

All in all, fairly tame stuff for local winger radio, but McCain was having none of it:
    "I take responsibility and I repudiate what he said," Sen. McCain told reporters after the rally at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine.
    * * *
    "I will not tolerate anything in this campaign that denigrates either Sen. Obama or Sen. (Hillary) Clinton,'' McCain said after the rally.

Cunningham's response was as predictable as it was sad:
    Cunningham said later that he stood by his comments. He told his listeners: ‘”I’ve had it with McCain. I’m going to throw my support to Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
It's been a puzzle why the right wing hates McCain so much. He is, after all, reliably conservative on what are supposedly the sentinel issues -- abortion and national security. Now we have one explanation -- he's uncomfortable with being an asshole.


Anonymous said...

Cunningham is a world class ass hat! He wasn't half bad when he started out on WLW, but as soon as Rush Limbaugh took off, Cunningham got very envious and tried to be just like him. That's why I quit listening to WLW. God bless XM!!!