Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome Back Bloggers

On the one hand, blogging is new; on the other it's been an immersion experience. As such, it sounds ridiculous to talk about Old School bloggers or "Back in the day," yet, it feels true. So, welcome back to some Old School bloggers from back in the day. Chris Baker, late of the Ohio Second Blog, posts a thought-provoking essay on Ohio Daily about NAFTA guilt.

This follows a run of Old Schoolers returning. 54Cermak posted an extensive essay endorsing Obama on his long-dormant Peanut Butter Knife (h/t BFD -- George evidently kept the feed subscription long after I did.) And Ken Gross has resurrected his Lost! blog after an extended absence. For now you can find it here, though he is working to make it a subdomain on his business website. And a while back we had a Grandpaboy sighting in comments, though still no new blog action.

(And yes, one other blogger has re-emerged. Haven't yet decided whether to bother acknowledging that one.)

In the meantime, surf through and enjoy some folks whose presence has been unequivocally missed. We hope they stick around.


Chris Baker said...

Thanks for the shout out, Pho.

54cermak said...

Thanks for the h/t Pho. I'm wading back into the waters slowly, but surely.