Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton Debate Watch at Stark Co. Dem HQ?

Saw this in today's ABJ.

    Local supporters for presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a debate watch party at 8 tonight at Stark County Democratic Headquarters, 220 12th St. N.W. in Canton.

    The debate, which is in Austin, Texas, will air at 8 p.m. on CNN.
Should HQ be hosting an event for one candidate in a primary? To make things more curious, the party isn't listed among the parties on the official Hill site.

It's possible that Stark HQ has a facility like Memorial Hall here in Summit that is available to Dem-related groups/candidates for a fee. Nonetheless, given the rumors of strong-arming in Stark Co., you would think people would be more careful about maintaining the appearance of party neutrality. When Team Hillary rented Memorial Hall for an organizing meeting, the announcement specifically said the event was at Memorial and that the Dem Party has not endorsed a candidate.

Stark Co. readers: Your input please.


Joe R said...

It is concerning indeed, I had a similar issue down in Zanesville at Muskingum County Democratic Headquarters.

I noticed the windows of the store front was plastered with Hillary Clinton Posters. I immediatly shot an email to the County Chairperson expressing my concern.

He did respond saying the signs were not put there by him and that they would be removed right away.

I noticed today, they are indeed gone.

I would definitly complain to the Stark County party officials if I lived up there.