Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama in Akron Roundup

bligations kept me from Sen. Barack Obama's appearance in Akron last night. Fortunately, the posts and articles are springing up covering the event.

So far, PsychoBilly and Radio Free Newport have posted extensively on their impressions of the evening. Extra points for PBD for keying in on the presence of Rep. Tim Ryan.

In addition, local blogger Andrew Shears posted extensively, with photos, on the Obama website. And by the way, if you want to get involved with the campaign, joining the Akron, Ohio for Obama group is a good place to start.

The Obama campaign posted the following excerpt from the Akron speech on YouTube this morning. This one takes on Clinton's criticism earlier today of the campaign mailer regarding NAFTA and the one questioning her health care proposal:

Shifting to the media, the ABJ offers a strong write-up, plus a slideshow (BTW, that's Judge Annalissa Williams in the first photo, unless I'm very much mistaken.) And WKSU has a long M.L. Shultze report, with audio from the speech.