Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New SUSA Poll: Hillary Continues to Slip

A new Survey USA poll commissioned by WKYC TV shows Hillary Clinton losing another three points to Barack Obama. The new poll shows Clinton at 50% and Obama at 44%, compared to 54-43 a week ago. This is also the third week in which Clinton's support has dropped in the SUSA poll. (Comparing results by one polling company is somewhat more reliable than comparing among different polls.)

One factor that may be adding to Obama's numbers -- the percentage of likely voters keeps going up. In the Feb. 10 poll, the SUSA voter screen found 39.7% of registered voters to be likely voters; in the Feb. 17 it was 41% and in the latest poll, 44%. The very small percentage of undecideds in the poll (smallest among the polls testing Ohio) suggests that SUSA's screen is particularly tight.