Friday, February 08, 2008

S. Rothenberg: Ohio Second District Race May Be the Worst Ever

Political Analyst Stuart Rothenberg reproduces on his blog a Roll Call article he wrote about the Ohio Second district race, calling it a "nightmare" and possibly "the worst Congressional contest I’ve ever witnessed."

To outline his observations:

  • Incumbent Jean Schmidt is intensely disliked on both sides of the aisle.
  • Primary challenger Tom Brinkman came into the race late, is a poor fundraiser and campaigner and chased out better-equipped challengers.
  • Dem front-runner Dr. Victoria Wulsin is somewhat "scattered" and is vocally liberal in a stone conservative district.
The whole thing is worth clicking through and reading.

After reading this from Bill Sloat, it certainly looks like Steve Black may be a better challenger. Time will tell if he will revive his campaign while grieving his father.

Where have you gone Chris Baker? Ohio's political junkies turn their lonely eyes to you.

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