Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary the Original?

TNR has been all over Hillary's plagiarism accusation. But this one from Marty Peretz really has to sting Hill apologists:

    in this morning's Boston Globe letter section, a reader, David Stevens, writes, "On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, [Hillary] said, "You campaign on poetry, but you govern on prose." A clever line, and an elegant one, too. But it wasn't hers at all. "She borrowed [this] from Mario Cuomo...That exquisite maxim is in Bartlett's." Neither Cuomo nor Bartlett's got any credit.


Unknown said...

There is a kind of re-packaging going on here. Now, when I watched the Democratic Debate last night in Texas, I was looking at it objectively - as an undecided. I thought, who can give me a feel for what I really want? Forget the media bias against Senator Clinton, and cult like notion that is following Senator Obama's campaign and deliberate on the issues -answer the all important question of which candidate is best in policy, in experience, in presentation, in rhetoric, in eloquence and actually advocating the message of change which is a concept so banded about in this election that I am now unsure of its definition. I did not do this as a feminist, as a woman, but as a voter.

My observations - there was a whole lot of re-packaging going on. Everyone question that was directed at Senator Obama felt like it was just a reinterpretation of Senator Clinton's. That is even after I have read the blueprint of BOTH documents, made an assessment on such issues as healthcare and come to the conclusion that Clinton's are much more comprehensive, likely to be workable and are transparent at a Washington level. I did not feel the fantastic feeling that some claim to have when they simply listen to Senator Obama...all I can say is that I felt his rhetoric lacked any kind of force, clout, energy or presence which is greatly needed when you are electing both a nominee for the democratic party and eventually perhaps a President. His answers were without structure, composition or a clear train of thought. He flip flopped on important issues and made the very grave concession that people WOULD be left out of his healthcare plan - something which made me extremely anxious at the thought of being excluded. Yes I know he states it be optional...but it is not when you look at his blueprint.

Watching the slippery hands; the stuttering, the unconfident Obama made me realize that my decision had been made for me....the very capable Hillary Clinton may have made a snag or two in her times, but after also checking the Senate record of each respectively, it has become clear that Senator Obama rather than voting on issues, has voted NOT PRESENT.

Outside of the cosiness of his circle - and by that I mean, his devoted, staunch followers not cooing about change without policy being brought into the equation, I saw a VERY different man.

In a time when he is advocating so much change to so many people in America, this record on issues such as Partial Birth Abortion makes of not being present, is simply unacceptable. When you are in office, you simply HAVE to face the issues - whether they will compromise you in the future or not. Where was the duty fulfilled Obama? You were not in the Senate when they cast the vote to go to war as Clinton was, and you certainly made no bones about signing the Defense Authorization Act either. Clinton made a stand - right or wrong - and one in which I believe she will rectify within her administration if she is nominated, in a much safer plan than Senator Obama (again having heard and read the propositions of each).

It s time for us to reconcile our thoughts and make up our minds - do we want a candidate who cannot vote on issues, to be making the core decisions that dictate our lives, or do we want a candidate who HAS made positive change for thirty five years - 35 YEARS -of dedicated public service?

The way in which Hillary Clinton presented herself last night was almost Commander in Chief - her intelligence, her presence, her clarity, strength and ability to answer tough questions on issues such as Plagiarism and media bias (which again has been an issue for me about Obama and incredibly unfair to Clinton) directed solely at her, as well as getting a Standing Ovation for what was an extremely compassionate ending, made me wake up.

Why have I not seen this before - empty promises will NOT solve the massive, complex issues that we face in this country, and I do not want someone who is all hat and no cattle which from the performances of Obama of late, sadly I believe he is.

Madame President: you have my vote.

Scott Piepho said...

Lauren F. Hammond:

If you are going to astroturf blogs in the guise of "an undecided" you really should use a different username. Different that the person who's been favoriting pro-Hill and anti-Barack videos for at least seven months.

Watching blog comments and listening to NPR call in shows, I've suspected for some time that Hillary people with campaign-generated talking points were about in the world pretending to be just regular folks who happened to look up Obama's Illinois Senate record.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Jason Haas said...

The real hilarity, besides that I read this comment elsewhere, is that it's apropos of absolutely nothing.

Madame President, you have my vote.

At the end of this screed, it reads like comedy, a bit from Mad.