Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stark Co Clarification: No Clinton Party at Dem HQ

A couple days ago I reported about a blurb on Ohio dot com inviting Hillary Clinton supporters to Stark. Co. Dem HQ for a debate watch party. Today I got an email from consultant, blogger, and Obama fan Kevin Fisher with reassuring news.

    I saw your post on Stark Co and the presidential race and wanted to clear a couple things up. First, the Clinton Debate Party was not held at Dem HQ. So far as i can tell, there was some miscommunication with the Clinton supporters that led to getting their HQ's in Massillon and the Party HQ's in Canton mxed up.
    Secondly, as to the clinton campign using Dem HQ's for a canvass, that is true. But let me assure you as an active member in the party and an Obama supporter, this should not be viewed as the party playing favorites. Chairman Johnnie Maier has made the Democratic HQ's and the party database available to both campaigns, as well as to John Boccieri and other local candidates. Both the Obama campaign and the Clinton campaign have used them in some capacity.
    I know how things can be misinterpreted in a heated campaign, but i wanted to make sure I let you know that the Stark County Democratic Party is playing no favorites and is not giving a leg up to either campaign.