Friday, February 08, 2008

GrowthClubbers Clubbing Huck and Other Veep News.

In an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey throws cold water on talk of Mike Huckabee as McCain's running mate:

    Moving forward, Mr. Huckabee on the ticket would be a disaster. The former governor has a record of raising taxes and increasing spending. Picking him would only make it more likely that conservatives will sit on their hands come November.
This is as I suspected.

Toomey offers McCain a number of C4G-approved suggestions. Of these, So. Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is probably best. As a popular Southern governor he will help blunt any advantage the Dems get from an Obama effect. And as a governor he will be able to reassure people concerned about a senator's lack of administrative experience.

I find it most intriguing for another reason. Despite the following the Club's sure-fire prescription for Growth, South Carolina currently plays host to the nation's third-highest unemployment rate. Generally I would love to hear the GrowthClubbers reconcile that. Closer to home, it would be fun to watch, say, Ben Keeler explain how So. Carolina's economic troubles are just reflecting the nation's economy but Ohio's problems are entirely Ted Strickland's fault.

By the way, a new blog in town tracks the race for second chair. Veepstakes!, run by Cleveland-based moderate Paul, is off to an intriguing start. Such a mission has a necessarily short shelf live, so keep track of Paul's work while it lasts.


Ben said...

I dont speak for the Club for Growth, but I think we need more than just "blame DC" to fix our problems. Indiana is showing improvement and gaining jobs right to our west. We can either stop feeling sorry for ourselves and do something about it or go the way of Michigan.

I didnt say it was entirely Stricklands fault. However, I did say his attitude his pathetic.

mencken said...

Another non-denial denial from Keeler.

Michigan's job losses are no mystery, as the Big Three offshore their parts and auto manufacturing.

Indiana's growth was 1.1% which was the same as the national average. But I'd be interested to hear what Keeler's economic growth plan for Ohio might be. Apparently Bob Taft didn't get the memo.

Ben said...

what are you even talking about..."non denial denial."

You sound just like Strickland. Dimissing Indiana's upward trend lately while blaming Taft and others for Ohio.

Pho said...

Ben, you are being a little disingenuous here. You might not have directly blamed Strickland in the post linked, but you have been beating on the theme that Strickland is the Worst Governor Ever because he hasn't yet fomented an economic miracle in Ohio after inheriting 17 straight quarters of sub-par job growth.

Strickland was asked in an interview why the Ohio budget was showing red ink. He said the budget shortfall is due to the national economy and Federal budget cuts. Why did he say that? Probably because it is because the budget shortfall is due to the national economy and Federal budget cuts.

I suppose the Keeler-approved answer would be "It's all my fault. I suck." But somehow I don't think you would have given him credit for that.