Monday, February 25, 2008

Bloggers Blowing Up Everywhere

What a run for the blogosphere over the past few days.

Friday Josh Micah Marshall and the rest of the Talking Points Memo won a Polk Award for their innovative and influential reporting on the US Attorney firings.

Last night, Diablo Cody won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Juno. For those unaware, Cody is a long-time blogger and her big, get-on-the-radar break came from blogging her experiences as an "unlikely stripper." (that last link is somewhat NSFW.)

And of course, also last night, Ohio's own Jill Miller Zimon made her national television debut on a CNN featurette called BlogBuzz. Jill showed grace and composure despite being asked inane questions (an Obama-Clinton dream ticket? So five months ago) and hearing her name mis-pronounced not once but twice.

Congrats to all concerned from up here in the cheap seats.


Jill said...

LOL - thanks, Scott. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

How is it pronounced?

Scott Piepho said...


Long i. He kept saying "Zeemon"