Friday, November 04, 2005

RON: Topsy-Turvy Politics

When I heard that the Ohio Taxpayers Association was endorsing Issues 2,4 and 5, , I thought it meant more for OTA than for RON. As conservative activist groups go, OTA has been somewhat iconoclastic. It was, for instance, the one group that refused to play nice when Blackwell postponed the TABOR party. Still I didn’t expect OTA to go much beyond endorsing the effort for the benefit of its members.

So I was pleasantly surprised to get an autophonecall from blogger, OTA guru and anti-tax monomaniac Scott Pullins urging me to vote for 2,4 & 5. The phone call directed me to the website of a PAC formed by OTA – Ohioans for Election Reform.

Then I’m checking my email and learn from RON that Cuyahoga County Dems Chair Jimmy DiMora recorded robo-calls for Ohio First urging Dems to vote against the amendments. Simply unconscionable. You can listen to the message here. RON is asking Cuyahoga County folks to call in and tell him to knock it off.

Here are the digits: 216-443-7180 and 216-621-9750.

One more time: People who value accountability like RON. People who treasure power above all else do not.


The Pullins Report said...

I'm a lawyer too, but monomaniac is too big of a word for me. That aside, thanks for the plug. Do I know taking this stand will hurt me, of course, but it is the right thing to do.

I don't think these issues will benefit Republicans or Democrats, but will allow the people to interact more in the process. Here's hoping they pass.