Friday, November 04, 2005

Equal Time

A couple items in the BJ today, responding to things that have appeared in, among other places, this blog.

First, Edna Boyle is taking umbrage at her caricature in the Dem Party mailing, calling it "racist." I'll leave it to the viewer to decide, personally I don't see it. It is, after all, a caricature. A person reading the story without seeing the mailing might think she was portrayed as a mammy or something. Frankly it looks the most like its subject of any of the five people depicted.

Is Alison McCarty going stand up to the cartoonists blatant anti-dated-hair-flip bias?

Second, the Paul Gallagher Weeniethon rolls on. Gallagher writes in to respond to critics of Issue 7. Incidently, I got a mailing yesterday from the County Dems. They didn't just vote to take a position against 7, they are spending money to go after it:

Gallagher's response? Just a repetition of his argument -- the Executive is trying to make policy; clarification is needed. All well and good, but hollowing out the Executive is not a "clarification" and not a good government solution.