Sunday, November 06, 2005

RON Roundup

Once again the sinus infection I've been battling for a week has come back to knock me down. So instead of being out canvassing for RON, I'm blogging it.

The three main themes in RON news are 1) the stakes is high, 2) victory is in reach and 3) HELP.

Victory is in sight. The latest poll shows 2 & 3 leading comfortably, 5 within the margin of error and 4 significantly behind, but with 25% undecided.

The Stakes. check out this post about the Bushco money machine behind Ohio First. Hey, Jimmy DiMora, what's that they say about lying down with dogs?

A quick point about Issue 5 -- the orphan issue. Not much is written about it, but I ran across a Ted Selker quote that sums up the best argument in favor. Selker is a MIT prof who is one of the foremost experts on vote security. In an article about electronic voting, Selker runs through the security problems with every system ever devised. In the midst he says this about the human factor:

Guarding against votes being compromised has always required multiple human
agents watching each other for mistakes or malice. (pp.94-5)

That's just not what we have on the state level.

Help Wanted. If you are within the sound of this blog, you can help. You can still make a difference with a monetary contribution to RON. If you have time over the next couple of days, you can help directly. RON organizers are looking for virtual phone bankers (i.e. call from home off of a list) and poll greeters. Find your local contacts on this page.