Monday, November 21, 2005

Dogpile on Jean

This is not a good time to be Jean Schmidt. There she was trying to be all swift-boaty on behalf of her party and it blows up in her face. Well, I won't pile on more grief.

Like Hell I won't.

For anyone who missed Al Franken today, one of his researchers (oh, the shame of not being Michelle Malkin) found Jean's first speech -- on the occaision of her swearing in. Here's another remark she might want stricken from the record:

Honorable people can certainly agree to disagree. However, here today I accept a
second oath. I pledge to walk in the shoes of my colleagues and refrain from
name-calling or the questioning of character. It is easy to quickly sink to the
lowest form of political debate. Harsh words often lead to headlines, but
walking this path is not a victimless crime. This great House pays the price.

Honestly, you just couldn't make something like that up.

Meanwhile, at the Huffinton Post (via PeopleHavethePower), Max Blumenthal has the dirt on Jean's wingnut Marine surrogate, State Rep. Danny Bubp.


Daniella said...

I read Max's post and was burning. These people have an inate ability to ignore reality and have the nerve to attempt to make us all as gullible.

Thanks for bring it up to our attention. Daniella