Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Make that 499,999 Registered Republican Households

I reported a couple of days that Scott Pullins' flirtation with the Ohio left is over. Well, at least he cares enough to call. Last night, despite the fact that Prof. W. and I are each life-long D's, we got Scott's TABOR-pimping robo-call. You can read the script here.

The case for TABOR is entirely bogus, but I have a particular bone to pick. The tax-cut-mania right in Ohio is officially on notice. From here on out, if you complain about business taxes without acknowledging that the entire corporate tax code was rewritten by Republicans earlier this year, we have gone beyond mere disagreement. Such statements are fundamentally dishonest or, as Al would say, LIES.

As for OTA, you have some database purging to do. I suggest you spare no expense. Just go through your list and eliminate all names ending in "Pho."