Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bob Taft, Albatross [UPDATED]

This came in the mail today, compliments of the Summit County Democratic Party. This tickled me on so many levels. First, it's about time we had a coordinated strategy for electing judges. The four candidates have put their money together -- have you seen the mobile billboard yet? -- and now the Dems are backing them up.

Second, it's great to see Democrats throw an elbow. For too long we have tsk tsk'd about Republican tricksters and run the same boring campaigns. Now if we can only agree that Bob Shrum may never run a national campaign again, we may be getting somewhere.

Third, I like tying the race to Taft, because it's good politics, no mattter whether or not it's fair. I still remember the ads morphing targeted Representatives and Senators into Clinton in '94. Fact is, Taft is a huge liability and we should make the most of it. This flier does that, and in a way that makes sense -- by noting that each of these judges got into her seat when Taft appointed them.

Finally, I like the Arshnikoff blast. The flier doesn't name him, but it reprises the partisan massacre he orchestrated when Republicans took over the court in '02. That gives the piece a good Culture of Corruption® hook.

This on the heels of two new RON ads.

I gotta say it's been a good day.

UPDATE: Today comes this Columbus Dispatch story describing how opponents of Issue 1 and proponents of RON are basically running all Bob all the time:

Bob Taft bad. Vote no. Then vote yes, yes, yes and yes.

That’s essentially the message delivered to Ohioans by a trio of groups through new TV ads on the five statewide ballot issues in Tuesday’s election. One group’s ad featuring the governor urges a "no" vote on Issue 1 while two others use his image to seek a "yes" vote on Issues 2 through 5.

Those positions are the exact opposites of Taft’s on the issues. But Taft is the first sitting Ohio governor to be convicted of ethics charges, and polls show he is the least-popular governor in the nation.